GLC Fact file...


Also know as - Tim Westcountry / DVS / the Optician / Graybal the Fisherman's Friend / Webber / Billsies Webbsies / the Wibbler / Billy Big Boy in the Morning / Sausage Fingers / Abe Froman / Newport John Lennon / John Boy Walton / Bilbo Ballggins / Roy Keane of Cae Perllan road / Rocky Jazz

Favourite food - Potato

Favourite item of clothing - My leprechaun socks

Shoe size - 9 and a half 

Eye colour - Hazel

Favourite group - the Dubliners

Drinks - Alcohol

Favourite meal - Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi Extra

Favourite tv show - Crimewatch

Favourite book - Mr T. - the Man With The Gold

Favourite film - Life of Brian

Favourite place to go on holiday - Devoncourt hotel in Exmouth 

Favourite animal - One of those red arced monkeys

Mode of transport - Train

Favourite hair style - Flat top

Favourite shoe- Brogue

Hobbies - Visiting community farms, looking at places that I'll never visit on the internet, playing football,  having technical issues with electrical equipment, thinking about the past and the future,  thinking about exercising,  cooking curry.



Also know as - Mike Balls / Anxious B / The Hardest Man in Soccer Violence / The Voice Of Reason

Favourite food - Bacon sandwiches on thick crusty white bread

Favourite item of clothing - Adidas Espana '82 jacket (which no longer fits)

Shoe size - 9

Eye Colour - Electric Blue

Favourite Group - Super Furry Animals

drinks - Courvoisier

Favourite meal - Christmas dinner

Favourite TV show - Breaking Bad

Favourite book - The Boys From The Mersey

Favourite film - Goodfellas

Favourite place to go on holiday - Switzerland

Favourite Animal - German Shepherd

Mode Of Transport - Boat

Favourite Hairstyle - Spikey Top Long Back

Favourite shoe - Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. 

Hobbies- Haven't really got any at the moment. Drinking, smoking marijuana, live music, Following LFC and NCAFC?? Should I make some up?



Also known as - Zardoz / P.Xain / Dwain Xain Zedong / Scratch Master Ken / RMC

Favourite food - Chilli peppers

Favourite item of clothing - Trucker cap

Shoe size - 10

Eye colour - Hazel

favourite group - Geto Boys

Drinks - Orange Lucozade

Favourite meal - That stuff Luke Skywalker had for breakfast before he went to the Tosche station to pick up some power converters.

Favourite TV show - Master Chef Australia

Favourite book - Ghostbusters

Favourite film - Ghostbusters

Favourite place to go on holiday -  Newport Pembrokeshire

Favourite animal - Mogwai

Mode of transport - Monster truck

Favourite hair style - Caerphilly Waterfall (mullet)

Favourite shoe- White converse all-star

HOBBIES - Making music, looking out of windows, eating curry and cooking.



Also know as - Miss Tickle / Mystic Al / The Druid / Dr. Boris Gobshite / Barry Wreckdale / The Partystarter

Favourite food - Tikka starter wrapped in a garlic nan garnished with salad and mint sauce

Favourite item of clothing - Leather trousers with the bottom cut out (as fashioned by that fashion conscious dude in Mad Max 2)

Shoe size -  Depends on who I've stolen the shoes from

Eye colour - Witch hazel and smoky jade 

Favourite group - MC Funkatronic & the Magic Turntable Experience

Drinks - 'Family Bucket' (half a bottle of spirits poured into a pint glass with a shaky measure of mixer in the back of a tour bus) or Corona & Lime

Favourite meal - Fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter, dandelion and burdock. 

Favourite TV show - Ulysses 31

Favourite book - 1984 by George Orwell

Favourite film - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Favourite place to go on holiday - Ibiza in Winter or anywhere nice with no crowds 

Favourite animal - PG Tips chimps 

Mode of transport - Sinclair C5

Favourite hair style - Gentleman of the Road

Favourite shoe- Flip-flops

Hobbies - Mead production, zombie defence planning, drunken master tai chi and a secret project simply entitled 'New Age Newport.’


MAGGOT, ex member of GLC and former Big Brother contestant.

Also know as - The Hip Hop Vampire / Spring Healed Fagging / Stay At Home Ken

Favourite food - Trout

Favourite item of clothing - cape

Shoe size - 14 

Eye colour - Taupe 

Favourite group - 'Ndrangheta

Drinks - Rain water

Favourite meal - Jacket potato

Favourite TV show - Benidorm

Favourite book - Amanda Knox - 'Waiting to be heard'

Favourite film - Nuts in May

Favourite place to go on holiday - Isle of Purbeck

Favourite animal - Swans

Mode of transport - Walking

Favourite hair style - The 6 haircuts on one head.

Favourite shoe- Horse shoe

Hobbies - Unblocking sinks, reading and staying at home. 





Also known as - MR loveegs / Rene La Loux / Chon Benwa Balls / Raphael de la Ghetto / Professor Doppelganger / Pele Maradona / Arther Zico / Fresh Prince Charles Of Cwmbran / Dean Cinzano

Favourite food - Spicy Broccoli

Favourite item of clothing - Gloves 

Shoe size - 8 

Eye colour - Bogey green brown 

Favourite group - Group 4 security

Drinks - Fizzy

Favourite meal - Sushi

Favourite TV show - Arthur C Clarkes World of Strange Powers

Favourite book - Arthur C Clarkes World of Strange Powers

Favourite film - Hausu or Conquest

Favourite place to go on holiday - The Alps 

Favourite animal - Jerboa

Mode of transport - Snowboard

Favourite hair style - Demi wave

Favourite shoe- Pointy shit flickers

Hobbies - Monsters, Rap, T shirts, Fun, Ghosts,  Robots, Cats, Glamourous ladies, Fiat puntos and snowboards.





Also known as - GTB / the Undecider / Toilet Time Terry

Favourite food - Cheese

Favourite item of clothing - Pants

Shoe size - 11

Eye colour - Hazel

Favourite group - Primal Scream

Drinks - Cider

Favourite meal - boiling hot curries which I can't eat anymore because of haemorrhoids, I’m a vegetarian by the way!

Favourite TV show - Dr Who

Favourite book - The B.F.G.

Favourite film - Le Samourai

Favourite place to go on holiday - Paris

Favourite animal - My dog Eric

Mode of transport - Anything I'm driving not a good passenger

Favourite hair style - Mullet

Favourite shoe- Silver Shadow

Hobbies - Record collecting, sci fi memorabilia, ganja practice and cleaning the bath.



Also known as - Adrian Fandango / Dave Fontane / Benny Blanco / Short Term / the Draw Ambassador / Professor Bongo /the Mexican Infiltrator / Ron Colditz

Favourite food - Curry

Favourite item of clothing - Adidas originals

Shoe size - 9

Eye Colour - Brown

Favourite Group - N.W.A.

drinks - Guinness punch drink

Favourite meal - Chicken tikka masala with extra green chilies

Favourite TV show - South Park

Favourite book - Viz

Favourite film - Predator 2

Favourite place to go on holiday - Baileys, newport

Favourite Animal - Beaver

Favourite Mode Of Transport - Dan Tracey's van

Favourite Hairstyle - Bouffant

Favourite shoe - Adidas golden  kb8's

Hobbies - Football, draw and porn.



Also know as - Hatsy / 2000AD / The Shotgun Surgeon / Stand-By / Hate Society / Smack Boy

Favourite food - Beef

Favourite item of clothing - Very thick leisure bottoms

Shoe size -  10

Eye colour - Brown

Favourite group - Spice Girls

Drinks - Rum & Coke

Favourite meal - Curry

Favourite TV show - Psychoville

Favourite book - Getting rid of Mr Kitchen

Favourite film - Tron (original)

Favourite place to go on holiday - Cuba  

Favourite animal - Hippo

Mode of transport - Mountain bike

Favourite hair style - Undercut

Favourite shoe- Trainer preferable adidas gazelle, cobalt blue

Hobbies - Darts, mountain biking, football, rugby, reading, music and sex.

DJ Killer Tomato

Also know as - Killer Tom, Clug Life, Clug, Cafe del Clug, The Sex Hospital

Favourite food - Italian

Favourite item of clothing -  Primark Stretchy slim fit mens denim.

Shoe size - 8.5

Eye colour - Green/brown

Favourite group - Group Home

Drinks - Echo falls, Chilean Cab Sav

Favourite meal - Steak

Favourite tv show - Garth Marenghis Dark Place

Favourite book - Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Favourite film - Commando

Favourite place to go on holiday - Barcelona

Favourite animal - Rhodesian Ridge back

Mode of transport - Mazda MX5 or RX8

Favourite hair style - Long

Favourite shoe- Puma Disc

Hobbies - Djing, Piano, Gardening, Weightlifting and shopping in pound shops.