Crispy Pie

'Crispy Pie'
Sent in by Michael Jackson

You will need:
1 x Deep fill dish
4 - 5 family bags of maize based crisps (eg. Wotsits/ Bacon Fries / Monster Munch).
1 x Plant / water mist sprayer.

- First place an inch deep base of your favoured maize snacks into the bowl. After this is done liberally spray the base with the plant mist thingy (this will allow the ingredients to melt together and bind).
- Next add a filling: if KP Skips are your base why not have Wotsits as your filling? Spray them again with water to bind.
- Next add a topping that fills the bowl to the top. Spray this in the same fashion and garnish with lattice or bacon flavour fries.
- As the liquid sets in ,the crispy pie will start to bind. Leave in a warm place for 24 hours to dry and on your return you should find a delightful salty party that has moulded to the shape of your pie dish, empty it out and feed to friends and relatives.