Sent in by JW

You will need:
2 x slices of yesterday's cold pizza (6 if you're fucking hungry)
Miscellaneous bits of leftover fast food

- Make sure your fridge is full of fast food. Pizza is a necessity, any other fast food in the fridge is a fucking bonus!
- Put one slice of pizza on a hard surface (like a table, knee, telly etc).
- If you've got any other fast food in your fridge, pile it on the slice (doesn't matter how much you pile on as step 5 will explain).
- Put the other pizza slice on top.
- Lean on the 'sandwich' with all your weight (this makes it nice and stodgy and keeps it together - the more shit you've put in your sandwich the harder it is to squeeze together but you can still manage it).
- Nuke the bastard.

TOP TIP: Try putting barbecue sauce and KFC 'Crispy Strips' in your sarnie, safe!