Egg on Toast-Like Bread

'Egg on Toast-Like Bread'
Sent in by Mysty's Pat-ay Cat-ay

You will need:
1 x slice of bread - or two if you're really hungry
1 x egg - or two if you're... you get the picture
Serving of tastebud killing sauce like Sainsbury's 29p cheap ketchup

- When you're wrecked, operating an oven, hob, toaster or grill is a big no-no, as is frying an egg. So this recipe saves you the aggro of a potential eyebrow mishap. Safe!
- Take your bread and put it on a microwavable plate.
- Crack egg on the top. Don't pick off the shell if it gets on your bread - it adds extra crunch.
- Place in microwave, close door and radiate for 30 seconds or until your egg is cooked.
- Take out of microwave. NOTE: MAKE SURE EGG IS COOKED (I'm not going to jail if you get salmonella) add mind numbing ketchup, and enjoy.
- Garnish with left over cold kebab meat from the night before, if desired.
- Wash down with a beer.