Fast Food Kebabs

'Fast Food Kebabs'
Sent in by Miguel Pelotas

You will need:
One half loaf of medium/thick sliced bread
1 - 2 beef stock cubes (preferably Oxo or Knorr)
1 x jug of water
4 x kebab skewers
Cucumbers and/or peppers(optional)

- Stir the stock cubes into the water until you have a brown, meat flavoured, diarrhoea coloured liquid.
- Roll each slice of bread into a ball and soak in the beef stock.
- Proceed by putting three of your bread balls onto each kebab skewer, separating them with a chunk of cucumber or pepper if desired to add colour and some sort of flavour.

Tip:- Do not attempt this recipe unless wrecked on wine or extremely high as it will taste decidedly dubious. Mmmmmm! Tasty.