Hamsterfood Delight

'Hamsterfood Delight'
Sent in by Little Minx

You will need:
1 x bag of Harry Hamster food
1 x tin of golden syrup
1 x bag of demerararara sugar
1 x packet of eggs
1 x lump of cheese
1 x packet of Stork
1 x bottle of Blue Nun
1 x packet of fags

- Go to Sainsbury's.
- Buy bag of Harry Hamster food for £1.79 for a kilo along with other ingredients. NOTE: Tesco Value rodent food is not a substitute, it's got too many of the black bits even hamsters won't touch - if a rodent won't eat it, it's got to be beyond shit. ADDITIONAL: When buying cheese, always ensure it's on special offer. Never buy dairy produce without a yellow reduced label.
- Come home, put on telly (QVC preferably).
- Remember you've left your shopping outside.
- Retrieve shopping.
- Get giant pan and put hamster food in, cover in syrup and sugar, heat up and chuck in eggs and cheese in case it's a bit dry. When it's all mulched together and a bit hot, switch off cooker and open Blue Nun.
- Get a baking tray and rub a bit of Stork all over it. Put Stork in fridge to recreate 'Last Tango in Paris' later if the urge takes one.
- Put mulch into tray and leave to cool.
- When cooled, cut into squares and consume with a large glass of Blue Nun.