Sent in by Mark Oh!

You will need:
1 x Knorr soup mix
1 x saucepan
Loads of miscellaneous shit


- Henk: Named for the fake chocolate bar on the 'Adam and Joe Show', this is a modern variation on Nan's favourite, Bubble & Squeak, in that it is a stodgy mash-up of whatever is to hand and called HENK because it sounds like HANK and that's a real stodgy name. No chocolate is involved with this recipe, remember that, it's important.
- You will need a base, I recommend getting a box of Knorr 5 minute soup mixes in from the Cash & Carry since they make a pint of soup per sachet and it's not all pissy and watery like a Cuppa Soup. The Chicken Noodle one is good, but the best is probably the Vegetable Provencale, since it spits like a bitch if you forget to stir it for a bit.
- Follow the instructions on the soup, but as you're cooking, throw bits of whatever you have to hand into the pan - plum tomatoes, sweetcorn, ham, chunks of cheese, sunflower seeds, bit of garlic for taste, etc. Advanced users can raid the spice rack if you have one for an experimental flavour explosion.
- When it's done (you'll KNOW when it's done), serve up in mugs (pint mugs if you've got em, preferably those old men's pint mugs with handles to avoid scaldings).