Instant Soggy Pizza

'Instant Soggy Pizza'
Sent in by DarthDogCow aka The Chef Of Doom

You will need:
1 x slice of bread (plain white only please - there's no room for Jamie Olivers in this recipe)
1 x Cheese slice (Kraft or otherwise)
1 x Splat of tomato sauce
1 x Toaster
1 x Microwave
1 x Some herbs (if you're posh)
1 x Plate (again, if you're posh)

- Stuff the bread into the toaster as best you can with a fucking thumping head. Push down the thing that makes it cook. Take it out when it's finished.
- Splat the tomato sauce onto the newly made toast. Spread it about if you must.
- Gently unwrap and apply the cheese slice onto aforementioned ketchuppy toast.
- At this point, if you're posh, you can add the herbs. If not, skip to step 5.
- Microwave on high power for 30 seconds, more if you like it really soggy (no more than 30 minutes please - safety first).
- Put it on the plate if you're posh, or if you're not, do the now legendary head ramming thing (in one if possible).