Instantaneous Mini Lazyboy Pizzas

'Instantaneous Mini Lazyboy Pizzas'
Sent in by Miguel Pelotas

You will need:
1 x packet of original/cheesy Doritos
1 x box of soft cheese triangles
1 x bottle of tomato ketchup (the cheaper the brand the better)

- Unwrap the triangles coz they're a real bastard to open.
- Then open your Doritos and smother them with ketchup.
- Proceed by placing your soft cheese on top of your saucy crisps to produce an Italian-like delicacy.
- Repeat as many times as you think is acceptable and devour....

Tip:- This is an ideal and easy snack for the idle/inebriated individual as it requires no preparation and doesn't require the use of an oven, grill or hob. Enjoy.