Last Night Curry Pizza

'Last Night Curry Pizza'
Sent in by Graham the Bear

You will need:
Load of leftover curry
1 x cheap pepperoni pizza
Bit of cheese

- Have an early session of booze followed by a large curried meal. Two or more dishes are recommended.
- Due to the large quantity of beer filling your belly, you should be unable to finish your large curried meal leaving approximately one-third of each dish.
- Go to bed.
- The following evening, purchase a cheap pepperoni pizza from a successful food store.
- Mix together your various curry dishes and spread across your pizza.
- Find some strong cheese (eg. blue stilton). Slice big chunky bits off and then place onto the pizza.
- Cook for 12 - 15 minutes at 220C.
- Ram in your head. NOTE: It will be hot straight from the oven. Be careful but do enjoy.