Microwaved Cheese Biscuits

'Microwaved Cheese Biscuits'
Sent in by Mark Oh!

You will need:
Bit of cheese

- A lovely starter, combining the flavour of cheese with the texture of biscuits without all the hassle of having to use both hands, plus there's also an entertaining show as it cooks.
- Simply get a chunk of cheddar, the stronger the better, and put it on a small microwavable plate or saucer and put the plate in the microwave.
- Set the microwave for five minutes (don't worry, you won't need to wait that long), switch it on and peer inside to watch the progress.
- The cheese will begin to melt by about 1 minute and by about 2 minutes will be bubbling nicely. Keep it bubbling, don't lose your nerve and hit stop just yet.
- Wait until the cheese is entirely flat and turning slightly gold colour, then press stop. Carefully remove the plate and sit on the side to cool for a minute or so, after which you'll have a lovely solid microwave cheese bisc to feast on.
- You could even dollop on a bit of tomato puree for a "pizza-upside-down-cake" if you want.

Bon happy-tits!