Microwaved Chip Sandwich

'Microwaved Chip Sandwich'
Sent in by Z Beeblebrox

You will need:
2 x slices of bread, white is preferable as it's less healthy
Cheese, the stronger the better
Salt, vinegar
Sauce (garlic or mayo works well)
Lastly, and this is VERY IMPORTANT - a portion of frozen chips that does not have any microwaving instructions at all.

- Place frozen non-microwaveable chips on a plate (this must be microwaveable for health and safety reasons) and cook on full power for 3-and-a-half to four minutes, depending on your oven's power.
- While this is cooking, combine the bread, butter/marge, cheese and sauce into a sandwich.
- When the chips are done, (make sure they burn your fingers when you touch them, or they're too cold) add salt and vinegar to taste, then add into sandwich with the help of some cutlery so as to avoid nasty burns.
- You may notice at this stage that the chips have stuck together somewhat. This is a hallmark of non-microwaveable chips, and can actually help in getting them into the sandwich quicker.
- The stodge level of the MCS is remarkably high, and can actually be a bit hard to swallow - you know you've been fed when you've had one of these.
- The MCS can be further improved by serving with a packet of crisps (I recommend cheese and onion), or a deluxe version can be created by the simple addition of a fried egg, but please consult your doctor before consuming such a hazardous meal.
- Once again, I must stress the use of non-microwaveable chips - the ones designed for microwaves are virtually stodge-free, as well as lacking the sticking-together factor.