Naan Special Tasty

'Naan Special Tasty'
Sent in by DJ Skidmark aka Ainsley's Chariot

You will need:
1x packet of burger cheese
1x bit of brie (or camembert if prefered)
1x mozzarella
1x naan bread
1x chilli sauce (optional)

This dish is best prepared at your Nan's house as she will have the cheese required. If you cannot get all the types of cheese, just add more of the others, simple!

- Unwrap all the bits of plastic cheese, crush a few together into a lump.
- Carefully probe your index finger into the cheese, thus creating a small crater (Warning: This act can be quite sensual, especially if still wrecked).
- Add a little chilli sauce into the crater.
- Cram in a little mozzarella to create a "Chilli Core" - think of this as the middle of the Earth, like. - Lay a few slices of brie over, then cover with remaining burger cheese. It should look like a ball by the end.
- Now you need to start preparing your naan (naan from a previous takeaway is perfect for this speciality). Open up the bread and chuck in a bit of butter to taste, add the cheese ball and seal by pinching bread at opening.
- Finally ram it in the microwave for 5-10 minutes on full power (depending on how much you want to chew) and enjoy.
- Before enjoying the snack, press hand firmly down on the naan, now every bite should contain the cheese delight!
- A delicious treat, especially in these cold Autumn months!

Best served with a tin of diamond white cider.