Branston Scotch Egg Treat

'Branston Scotch Egg Treat'
Sent in by Tony Garfield

You will need:
1 x scotch egg
1 x generous helping of Branston pickle

- Using a knife (or under adult supervision), cut the scotch egg in two.
- Remove the egg from both of the two newly-created scotch egg halves. This can be eaten, fed to wildlife or thrown at a friend's face.
- Once the egg has been suitably disposed of, scoop the Branston pickle into the scotch egg halves. This will create a 'Breadcrumb Boat of Branston' effect of sorts and is to be held in high esteem.
- Garnish with a plate. A real man can eat both halves of a 'Branston Scotch Egg Treat' without wincing or bringing tears to his eyes. This also suggests that the real man is incredibly drunk and has no sense of taste left.