Pill Communication

Britain’s biggest rap group GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN are BACK with a new album Pill Communication. Get it here.


“This is our ninth or tenth proper album and I think it’s the best one so far.” says GLC stalwart Eggsy.”We are dedicating the album to Terry Wogan and Paul Daniels who were both massive GLC fans.” 

Pill Communication has 15 slamming tracks that re-capture the essence of early GLC. Billy Webb said, “We wanted to do something that sounded like classic GLC, that’s why I’m not on any of the tracks. Even Maggot is on there and he isn’t even in the band anymore. It’s well old school.”

“We had great fun making this album and taking it back to the core messages of GLC,” says Adam Hussain, "smoking weed and pooing yourself, two things I personally have a considerable amount of experience with.”

After over 10 years in the game, GLC are still going strong. Producer Rhys from GLC says, “Life is getting more complicated coz everyone has loads of kids, except Mike Balls and Eggsy, but we still find time to make music and I think this album has some of the best stuff we’ve done.”

Pill Communication - track listing:

1. Intro

"A futuristic soundscape of bongs, 'This Morning' and smoke alarms. The first way to start any album.”  - Mystikal 

2. 10 Draw Commandments

“This one is like when Moses came down from Mount Everest with the 10 Commandments. He had secretly been up there blazing kush, that’s why his eyes were all red. Check it; it’s in the bible, FACT.”  - Adam Hussain

3. Waitrose Rap

“Britain’s number one non-discount superstore, frequented by royalty and a far cry from the Baneswell Express. My sister’s got a job so she can afford to go there sometimes. She said they have green plastic tokens you use instead of money. It’s well posh.”  - Eggsy

4. Instant Coma

“The weed gets stronger and the names get more ridiculous. Anyone need a gram of AK47 or a quarter of Smells Like Your Nan? Seriously though, I can get you up to a 9 bar of AK47. Facebook me.”  - Mike Balls

5. Hip Hop Has Been Good To Me

“After years in the Hip Hop game, it’s time for the GLC to give back the love. Like doing odd jobs for people and stuff. We are going to start doing a series of YouTube tutorials as well, like ‘How To Hack Netflix’.”  - Rhys from GLC

6. Whose Draw Is This

“Seriously, whose draw is this? That age old problem, when you're all smoking the same weed and you can’t tell whose is whose, it's a nightmare, you lose about 3 ounces a week because of this”. - Mike Balls

7. Just Another Bastard

“I’m very sensitive and sometimes cry at those shows with David Attenborough where baby polar bears get eaten, but after I’ve had two pints I’m a right bastard. This song is about how my missus might be a nutter, but I’m actually a bastard. Don’t tell her though coz I’m going to ask her to marry me soon.”  - Graham the Bear

8. You Better Be Ready

“When you haven’t got any money and you owe your dealer so you can’t get a lay on, there are still plenty of fun things to do. I can’t remember any of them, but they are all in this song so give it a listen.”  - Adam Hussain

9. It's Dry

“If you can’t get any weed, why not try smoking alternatives from around the house, like hair or even toothpaste? Who knows, it might even work if it doesn’t kill you. I tried smoking dried bananas and ended up in hospital and they gave me all sorts of drugs, so really it worked out.” - Mike Balls

10. Big Shitty

“Big Shitty is the biggest gangsta in town but he can’t stop pooping himself. We have all been in that position where we think we are the coolest and then we shit ourselves… haven’t we?” - Eggsy

11. Mark The Goblin Slayer

“After watching too much Game of Thrones, Mark has gone feral in this true story of a boy who went to live up Wentwood Forest and believes he is a Goblin Slayer. It’s not about me, honest, but the names have been changed to protect family and friends. Again, I must stress, it’s not about me.”  - Graham the Bear

12. David Icke Rap

“David Icke is the king of tracksuits and goal keeping. David Icke finally gets the rap he deserves in a G-Funk style Dr. Dre would be proud of. He was made famous by appearing on Wogan and believing in lizard people. If I could have been anyone else, it would be him. I once saw him at Membury Services, but didn’t have the courage to talk to him.”  - Eggsy

13. Pusherman

“The GLC are almost all grown up and have accumulated an impressive amount of offspring. We are granted access on the weekends and take the kids to town or for an afternoon in the local Wetherspoons. Most of my kids are well proud that their dad is in GLC.”  - Billy Webb

14. Mister Nice

"I love this one, it’s an old school D’n’B ode to the Welsh King of modern day smuggling, Howard Marks. Drum n Bass is my second favourite type of music after Psy Trance. The GLC loves Howard, we call him Uncle Howard.”  - Mike Balls

15. Newport Bound

“We thought it best to close the album with this West Country music anthem, all about getting the weed back to the ‘Port safe and sound. I, myself, have a Bedford Rascal camper van which is very similar to the Kenworth W900 truck Snowman drives in Smokey and the Bandit. I think I might change my name to Snowman.”  - Mystical