Pizza Stylee Toasted Sandwiches

'Pizza Stylee Toasted Sandwiches'
Sent in by PVC Sister

You will need:
1x Breville sandwich toaster
4 x Slices of fresh white bread
Dollop of Dairylea
Pasta sauce
Bits of ham
Some mozzarella
Sliced onion

- Break out that old breville that has been gathering dust and grease in one of your kitchen cupboards. Come on, everyone's got one and very few of us actually use it!
- Slap down 4 slices of fresh white bread and cover liberally with a soft processed cheese of your preference. Mmm, why is it always Dairylea?
- Next some nice pasta sauce, I'm rather partial to Dolmio extra chunky cos of the lovely chunks of onion.
- Get some slices of ham and stuff em on top. Also add slices of mozarella cheese for the lovely stringy effect, mmm cheesy.
- Add onion or any other chopped vegetable of your choice, slap the bread together and shove in Breville.
- You forgot to turn it on....? Take sandwich out and turn Breville on, then wait. Forget about the sandwich cos the 'Bows proper kicked in and wait for the burning smell to remind you of what it was you were doing before you got sucked into the world of late night quiz shows on ITV3.

If you've managed to cook the sandwich to perfection, eat, burn your lips and tongue and above all enjoy!