Salt & Vinegar Pasta Marinade

'Salt & Vinegar Pasta Marinade'
Sent in by Colin Fudge

You will need:
1 x serving of pasta (any type will do)
1 x splash of vinegar
1 x dash of salt

- Work out how much pasta you'll need. A cup is normally enough for one person. Mind you, if you're resorting to this type of recipe, you've obviously desperate for food so two cups might be advisable.
- Boil a pint of water in a saucepan. Once the bubbles have started, dump the pasta in the pot. If you're bored, stir the mixture lovingly with a wooden spoon like it actually makes a difference. It might stop the pasta sticking to the pan, it might not. Either way it gives you something to do in the meantime.
- After about 2 - 3 minutes, try a piece of pasta to ensure it's thoroughly cooked. It should be soft and quite hot. If it's cold and quite crunchy, check to see if the cooker's on. If not, return to Step 2.
- Drain the water off the pasta and place lovingly on a plate. Add salt and vinegar to taste. Serve. Eat. Try not to be sick.