GLC will release Pill Communication on 4th April 2016, you can stop this.

Stop GLC putting out the album Pill Communication.

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If we raise the target of 50 thousand pounds, GLC will destroy all audio and video content of the album and ensure it will never be released. If we reach the target GLC will smash up the hard drives on camera and post the video on

We have a limited time to reach this goal and it's very important that you spread and share this message with as many people as possible.

You can contribute as little or as much as you like from only one pound.

We need you to share this message use #stopGLC on social media.


The Album - Pill Communication.

Track list

1 Intro

2 10 Draw Commandments

3 Waitrose Rap

4 Instant Coma

5 Hip Hop Has Been Good To Me

6 Who's Draw Is This

7 Just Another Bastard

8 You Better Be Ready

9 It's Dry

10 Big Shity

11 Mark The Goblin Slayer

12 David Icke Rap

13 Pusherman

14 Mister Nice

15 Newport Bound

The GLC have produced a number of music videos from this album, these will also not be posted and never see the light of day if we reach out goal.


Terms and conditions!

If the target of £50,000 is reached, GLC will retain the right to recreate any and or all tracks from the album and retain versions for live performance which may be released as live recordings. Also GLC may release the acapella versions of the songs for anyone to remix prior to the destruction of the hard drive containing material relating to the album. The destruction of the drive will take place at a time and place of GLC's choice within one month of the closing date of the crowd funding.