Wreckhead Pizza

'Wreckhead Pizza'
Sent in by Bibs Ramsey-Oliver-Worral-Thompson

You will need:
2 x slices of bread
Cherry tomatoes
Splash of olive oil
Mozarella cheese
Splash of Worcester sauce to taste

- Call local pizza emporium, discover they are closed or won't deliver to you as they found out that the last time the local Cop Shop ordered 76 Meat Feast 18"-ers (and a skip) they seemed to use your home phone number.
- Get some bread, put it on the grill and begin the toasting process.
- While the first side is getting a lovely browning, take those handy cherry tomatoes and chop them in half. Plastic cutlery, albeit safer, is hard work so use a proper knife, perhaps one from the latest Jamie Oliver range available from House of Fraser and other good department stores in your area.
- Check toast, if done*, move to step 6 (*toast to your own personal taste, I prefer a golden tinge to the toast, not too crunchy).
- Wait 30 seconds then repeat step 4.
- Turn the toast and put the new tomato halves on it with a dash of olive oil, extra virgin if available.
- Wait
- When the bread starts to brown again on this side you know it's nearly time. Sprinkle with grated Mozarella cheese (£1.09 from Tesco) and put it back under the grill with a drop of Worcester Sauce for good measure until the cheese starts to brown.
- Garnish with fresh basil if available, if not never mind and you're done, nice! Enjoy.
- Sounds long and involved with 9 steps but to be fair the whole process of creating this delight should take no more than 3/4 minutes. Think of it as time well spent in an accelerated Hawkins-eque area.