CHECK OUT the vibes for RAVIN CRAZY, it's a rave mixtape innit. Here is a short video to help you get the vibes sorted in yer brain.

Back in the 90s, Rave was massive. For those who have taken dodgy wizz and fake pukkas or driven around the countryside late at night looking for that Rave Carl told you about this is for you!

The GLC have recreated those heady dayz with their new mixtape RAVIN CRAZY – THE MIXTAPE 4. Over an hour of new oldskool classics featuring MCs Billy Webb, Mystical, Adam Hussain and MC Uncle Daddy aka Mister Loveeggs all mixed on the decks by Rhys from GLC.

Adam Hussain said, “I’ve never been to a real Rave, I used to go to Rotary Discos up Cefn Wood in Rogerstone and I assume it’s a bit like that but with more drugs and less plastic cups with orange squash in them.”

“Rave is the most important dance movement to have happened in the UK in the last 30 years” says Rhys from GLC, “It shits on the Macarena. Without rave we wouldn’t have Dubstep or…umm… other types of modern dance music. Some said Rave would never die, if it has we are bringing it back to life with a fully charged defibrillator”.